Sublimation on Keychains and luggage tags

 Come Craft Sublimation Keychains and luggage tags with me

You can buy the keychain blanks and luggage tags at a lot of different places.  I usually just buy them on Amazon.  This time I used a Cricut Easy Press 2 that I recently purchased.  The 9x9 inch size and now its my favorite tool.  For sublimating small items it makes the process easier.  Your room doesn't get hot by the large press and it heats up fast!

I have gone over sublimation in so many of my blogs that I'll highlight instructions.


  1. Sublimation Key Chains and luggage tags
  2. Sublimation paper printed with your images
  3. Cricket Easy Press
  4. Cricket heat mat or towel folded up for cushion under your item
First heat your easy press 2 up to the desired temp and set it to the desired time.  For mine I use 365 degrees F for 80 seconds.
Then, tape your paper image to the sublimation item.

Cover your heat mat with a piece of copy paper to protect your mat.

lay the item and sub image down so that it gets the most heat.  I usually make a sandwich of:

  • 1 pc of copy paper
  • My blanks with the sub paper on top (to get most of the heat) 
  • A pc of copy paper or butcher paper on top of that.  
    • The copy paper is really to protect your heat press and your table or mat you are using.

Put the easy press on top of the sublimation paper (or you can use a Teflon sheet or paper to protect your press, but I didn't.)

Hit the Cricut button and it will begin the countdown.

Lift off the easy press when it beeps and set it in the cradle.

Your keychain will be hot.  Let it cool for a second or use heat gloves before touching it to remove the paper.

You are all done and look at these amazing items?  I have some luggage tags, earrings, and keychains and they are sooooo adorbs.

I even made some that has my friend's car pictured on them.  You can use any image you can print out in sublimation ink.  If you can print it, you can sub it.

Sublimation is so much fun and produces such amazing color.  I usually use a large clam heat press and I love it for t-shirts.  You can certainly use a large heat press for any of the sublimation items.  I decided to try out the Easy Press on the smaller items and I LOVE IT.  The Easy Press 2 or 3 will work on sublimation.  The easy press 2 is not Bluetooth while the 3 has an app you use on your phone and can control the heat press with your phone.  I landed on the 2 because it was less expensive and it's so portable with controls on the actual machine, so I don't feel I need Bluetooth.  

In imginbugcrafter form, I then immediately bought the mini, and 10x12 so I had all the sizes.  I also recently bought some different felt type sublimation earrings and I am so excited to try them.  I will be posting a blog on that soon!

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