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Come and make wax seals with me!

Come and make wax seals with me! So I was on Amazon......Isn't this how it all starts?  Or was in Instagram?  Shoot IDK but I was looking for a new craft and I found some wax seals.  How fun is this?  I make cards so why not make some wax seals to add that extra special touch.   I would just go to amazon and search for a wax seal kit.  That is what I did. The one I got was around 20.00 and came with everything I needed to get started except a lighter to light the tea light!  Amazon link  of the kit I bought. It came with tea lights, wax pellets, markers, the wax stamps, some envelopes, the little scooper spoon thing and holder so I can melt the wax.  It didn't come with the wax seal mat I am using, but I did buy that on amazon as well. Link  of the mat What you are going to need: Tea light Spoon thingymabobber and holder Metallic markers Wax or even crayons, candles, get creative Mat or not (you can just drip the wax on the envelope but its a little tricky Metal stamper things