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Come and make UV resin glitter pens with me! They are refillable too! (and learn about water slide paper)

 Come and make UV resin glitter pens with me! A year or so ago, I decided I was going to make resin cups.  I bought a turner and all the supplies then went to work.  It took forever.  Like a week to create a cup and because I had to make everything outside I dealt with resin not curing in cold weather, dust, newspaper sticking to my cup due to wind and you name it!   Per my last blog you saw that I've been playing with UV resin.  It cures in minutes and not days, UV rays from the sun will cure it so you don't want to do the entire process outside which helps so much. Long story short, I love making glitter pens and have even gotten the water slides out.  In this blog I will show you how to make glitter pens the right way AND how to use water slides. Lets get started. Products you need: Ink Joy gel pens-These are refillable and one barrel so you can glitter the entire pen.  They are avail on Amazon, Target, Walmart and prob a few other places. Glitter-Any will do, fine glitter w