Thursday, September 29, 2022

Come sublimate on wood with Polycrylic finish & We r memory keepers heat transfer coating with me!

 Come and sublimate on wood with me

I bought a cup sublimation kit that included some heat transfer coating in it and I use sublimation products often so I had not tried it as a treatment.  I also heard you can sublimate on wood with Polycrylic finish too.

I decided it was time to try it out.  I have 3 wood pcs from the dollar tree, they are all similar and they are all unfinished.  I wanted to try the following types of finish to see how the sublimation would work.

  1. Polycrylic finish
  2. Polycrylic finish diluted with water in a spray bottle
  3. We R Memory Keepers Heat Transfer Coating
  4. No Treatment

First I had to treat the wood with the coating.

We R Memory Keepers 

I did 2 coats and let it dry completely before adding the 2nd coat.  I pressed these all at 280 for 60 seconds with a cricut EZ press.  I think they all would have come out better if I had not used the EZ press pad underneath.  I think they needed a hard base underneath them and no cushion.  The cushion seemed to allow for ghosting by not putting enough pressure under the wood item.

Polycrylic and water spray
I sprayed a ton of this on the frame until it was running off and let it dry.  The paper did not stick at all when I removed it after heat pressing.  There was some ghosting but I think this is due to the heat pad as well.

I used a generous amount and put 2 coats letting it dry between coats till it was not sticky.

The paper did stick to this one once I pressed it.  I ran it under water and washed the paper off with a cloth.  It came off easily.  

This time, I just used wood without any treatment and it seemed to come out pretty decent.

Next blog I am going to use Polycrylic because it did show the best color, however, I am not going to use the heat pad.  That way I have a harder, flatter surface to work with and I will post a blog!  I think they all came out pretty good though and I plan on hanging them in my scrapbook room.  They were so easy to use and so inexpensive to make.  The hardest part is deciding which image to use!

I hope you liked my blog.  

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Monday, September 19, 2022

Embroidery and creating your own patterns with your Silhouette and Sublimation Printer

Come make an embroidered quilt square with me 

My family makes quilts for the new babies.  My cousin Shirley and my late Aunt Maddie would send out quilt squares to our family members and ask them to embroidery something on a square of quilted fabric and put their sur names on it, then mail it back to them.  They would then put the squares together to make a beautiful quilt for the baby.  My daughter received one when she was a baby and it was the most wonderful gift.  She still has it (at almost 26 years old) and knows that her family loves her very much.  I wish more people had participated on my husbands side of the family, however, its still a very special gift and she and I will cherish it forever.  One day I hope that she has a child of her own and I will continue the tradition, as well as, use this quilt on her child.  (if she chooses)

Below is a picture of my daughters quilt.  Shirley and Aunt Maddie even made a few squares for family members that were no longer with us and made a few from us.  At the time I didn't really embroider and had my hands full getting ready for a baby.

My cousin Shirley asked me to make a couple squares for her great grand babies over the last few years and I have made the following 2 so far.  My grandmother is gone so I also added her last name "Smalley" to them.  I was so excited to be a part of this family tradition.  It is a lot of work but it seriously just blesses my heart to help out.

My cousin Shirley is having a great grand son so I thought....I am going to make a square that looks like our 1971 bus.  I wasn't quite sure how to do the pattern and then it came to me!

I'll create the image and sublimate it on the square, then embroidery on top of it!  What a great idea!  Plus I think this square is cotton and if it is, it will wash out anyway.  

I created the image on my silhouette software, added the names to the top and bottom.

I then printed it out on regular copy paper since its just the pattern and I don't need it to be the best of quality and you won't be able to see it once I'm done embroidering.  Usually for sublimation I use quality sublimation paper.  I made the print in gray so it would easily be covered.  I cut around the image so I could center it easily, and taped it on my square with high heat tape made for sublimation.

I decided to use the Cricut easy press because its a small project and didn't want to heat up my room with my giant heat press.  Covered the print out it with some butcher paper, set my press on 400 degrees and used it for about 40 seconds. 

 I lifted up a corner just to check it and it transferred perfectly!  

Now there is a pattern  for me to follow and its custom to me.  Exactly what I want instead of buying an iron on that is already designed.  Now I can make my own custom patterns anytime I want!  

Next, to start embroidering.  There are lots of YouTube tutorials out there with fancy stitching but honestly, I usually just use a regular stitch.  Just search for embroidery and you will find so many videos on it.  Its a basic stitch, you start from underneath your fabric and put the needle up through the fabric on the line of your pattern.  Then take it over just a little, put it back down through your fabric (it makes a subtraction sign) then come back up through the middle of your subtraction sign and there is your first stitch.  When you are done tie it off with a double knot underneath your finished project.

I use a circle hoop to keep the fabric tight, it makes it easier to stitch.

Below is my finished square for the baby blanket!  I think it turned out adorable and I will use sublimation for patterns moving forward.  It worked out so well!

I know my cousin is going to be thrilled to receive this square for her great grandbaby boy.  :)  

I am excited to send it to her.

If you have any tips for embroidery, or just want to send a comment, please do!
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Monday, September 5, 2022

Come see me paint my very first water color ever.

Come and water color with me!

 So, I've been watching on TikTok forever and she makes everything look so EASY!  Follow her if you get a chance, she does some really fun water colors and has really cute ideas.

I decided I was going to paint a bus with water color.  It is not that great but I'm glad it looks like a bus.


  • Watercolor Paper
  • Watercolors-I used CTMH
  • Paint Brushes
  • water bottle
  • Paper towels
  • Painters tape to tape off your paper
  • Printer
  • Pencil

Okay, here goes nothing!  I have never water colored in my life so I knew this wouldn't be my best work.  I really wanted to try this out.  

I covered the edges of my water color paper with painters tape to leave a boarder.  I've seen people do this so I just did it.

Spray your water colors with water from your water bottle before you get started so that your paints are ready to use.

I printed a pic of a bus.  I then flipped the print over and covered it with pencil.

I traced along the image so that the pencil on the back transferred to the water color paper.  It does, the lines are just very faint.

I wet a brush and then swept water all over the first area I wanted to paint.  I then dipped my brush into the paint and painted it.  

I don't thing I did that terrible but obviously, I haven't done this much.

I decided I needed some grass and sky.

Took the tape off.  Ummmm be very careful to not rip your paper taking the tape off. (from experience)......

It may look like a kindergartener did it but hey, it's my first try ever!  Next, I will be trying this with black glue.  You take white school glue, mix black acrylic paint into it, and your outline your image before you start painting.

That one may come out better.  We will see!!!!

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Friday, September 2, 2022

Sublimation on Keychains and luggage tags

 Come Craft Sublimation Keychains and luggage tags with me

You can buy the keychain blanks and luggage tags at a lot of different places.  I usually just buy them on Amazon.  This time I used a Cricut Easy Press 2 that I recently purchased.  The 9x9 inch size and now its my favorite tool.  For sublimating small items it makes the process easier.  Your room doesn't get hot by the large press and it heats up fast!

I have gone over sublimation in so many of my blogs that I'll highlight instructions.


  1. Sublimation Key Chains and luggage tags
  2. Sublimation paper printed with your images
  3. Cricket Easy Press
  4. Cricket heat mat or towel folded up for cushion under your item
First heat your easy press 2 up to the desired temp and set it to the desired time.  For mine I use 365 degrees F for 80 seconds.
Then, tape your paper image to the sublimation item.

Cover your heat mat with a piece of copy paper to protect your mat.

lay the item and sub image down so that it gets the most heat.  I usually make a sandwich of:

  • 1 pc of copy paper
  • My blanks with the sub paper on top (to get most of the heat) 
  • A pc of copy paper or butcher paper on top of that.  
    • The copy paper is really to protect your heat press and your table or mat you are using.

Put the easy press on top of the sublimation paper (or you can use a Teflon sheet or paper to protect your press, but I didn't.)

Hit the Cricut button and it will begin the countdown.

Lift off the easy press when it beeps and set it in the cradle.

Your keychain will be hot.  Let it cool for a second or use heat gloves before touching it to remove the paper.

You are all done and look at these amazing items?  I have some luggage tags, earrings, and keychains and they are sooooo adorbs.

I even made some that has my friend's car pictured on them.  You can use any image you can print out in sublimation ink.  If you can print it, you can sub it.

Sublimation is so much fun and produces such amazing color.  I usually use a large clam heat press and I love it for t-shirts.  You can certainly use a large heat press for any of the sublimation items.  I decided to try out the Easy Press on the smaller items and I LOVE IT.  The Easy Press 2 or 3 will work on sublimation.  The easy press 2 is not Bluetooth while the 3 has an app you use on your phone and can control the heat press with your phone.  I landed on the 2 because it was less expensive and it's so portable with controls on the actual machine, so I don't feel I need Bluetooth.  

In imginbugcrafter form, I then immediately bought the mini, and 10x12 so I had all the sizes.  I also recently bought some different felt type sublimation earrings and I am so excited to try them.  I will be posting a blog on that soon!

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Monday, July 11, 2022

Come and make wax seals with me!

Come and make wax seals with me!

So I was on Amazon......Isn't this how it all starts?  Or was in Instagram?  Shoot IDK but I was looking for a new craft and I found some wax seals.  How fun is this?  I make cards so why not make some wax seals to add that extra special touch.  

I would just go to amazon and search for a wax seal kit.  That is what I did. The one I got was around 20.00 and came with everything I needed to get started except a lighter to light the tea light! 

Amazon link of the kit I bought.

It came with tea lights, wax pellets, markers, the wax stamps, some envelopes, the little scooper spoon thing and holder so I can melt the wax.  It didn't come with the wax seal mat I am using, but I did buy that on amazon as well.

Link of the mat

What you are going to need:

  1. Tea light
  2. Spoon thingymabobber and holder
  3. Metallic markers
  4. Wax or even crayons, candles, get creative
  5. Mat or not (you can just drip the wax on the envelope but its a little tricky
  6. Metal stamper things
So, its been a while since my last blog because my daughter was graduating from ASU in Graphic Design (with honors) yay!  So I was busy making things.  You would think that I would have taken pics so I could blog them but that would be really smart!  LOL

I bought like 4 graduation stampers and went on a search for maroon and gold wax.  I found some and they turned out so adorable.

Below is a picture of them.  I made so many and scattered them on tables and added them to the party favors.  I just love them.

Okay so this is what the spoon melter holder thing looks like (there is prob a name) oh its just called a melting spoon and a spoon holder! LOL Mine looks very gross and dirty.  I know... I know... but it doesn't affect the outcome!

Then these are the wax melt things.  They come in sticks for a glue gun, rods, and these little chunks.  I prefer the chunks, the glue gun gets all messy and I'm not sure its operable after I used it for wax, and the sticks are not as easy to control.  The sticks do drip and that is a fun effect.

Light your candle tea light, place your melter on top of it and then put like 4 wax melts into the spoon, and sit your spoon on top like this till its all melted like the pic.

Once the wax is melted, pour it either onto the envelope and place your stamper right on top.

Try not to spill your tea light like I did.  I got it all over some of the wax seals and my desk, my leg, my hand.  It didn't really burn, I mean really......we have all been burnt by a glue gun and that was definitely worse.

I have this handy dandy mat so I pour the wax into one of the circles in the mat and place my metal stamp on top till it dries.  Carefully peel off your was seal.  You can leave it as is, or you can color the image with a metallic marker to make it pop!

If you are doing a lot of them, and your stamper gets hot, the wax will stick, so make sure you are letting it cool off.  By lots I mean like 30! And you can always keep a ice pack handy and use that to cool off the stamper.

This is how it sticks if you don't let it cool enough.  You can peel it off and if you don't like the way one comes out, just re-melt it.

I just love these!  Below are some of the wax seals I made tonight to show you!  Don't forget you can mix match colors of the wax together to make your own little combo!  I think my favorites are the paw and the rose.  They are just adorable!

I am completely addicted!  I found the best prices on amazon.  I tried to buy a customized metal stamp with my blog logo on it but the font is just too small and you cannot make my web address out.  If you choose that route, just know that tiny letters are not that great for wax seals.

This is what the wax seal looks like and you really cannot see it even when I run a metallic marker over it.

I love this craft and I think you will too.  Let me know in the comments if you have used them and what works best for you!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Come and make UV resin glitter pens with me! They are refillable too! (and learn about water slide paper)

 Come and make UV resin glitter pens with me!

A year or so ago, I decided I was going to make resin cups.  I bought a turner and all the supplies then went to work.  It took forever.  Like a week to create a cup and because I had to make everything outside I dealt with resin not curing in cold weather, dust, newspaper sticking to my cup due to wind and you name it!  

Per my last blog you saw that I've been playing with UV resin.  It cures in minutes and not days, UV rays from the sun will cure it so you don't want to do the entire process outside which helps so much.

Long story short, I love making glitter pens and have even gotten the water slides out.  In this blog I will show you how to make glitter pens the right way AND how to use water slides.

Lets get started.

Products you need:

  • Ink Joy gel pens-These are refillable and one barrel so you can glitter the entire pen.  They are avail on Amazon, Target, Walmart and prob a few other places.
  • Glitter-Any will do, fine glitter works best but chunky does work.
  • UV resin-You can get this at any craft store but Amazon has some really good prices.
  • UV light-The lower the wattage, the longer it takes to cure.  I've heard you don't want to go over 24 watts as it will cute too fast.  Or the good 'ol sun will work as well!  I actually use an old nail lamp for gel nails.
  • Sand paper
  • Acrylic paint-I prefer this method over spray paint.  I have a lot of colors so it makes more sense to me, plus your first coat can be cheap acrylic paint vs. expensive UV resin.
  • Pliers to remove the clip off the pen (you can use your hand to twist off)
  • Gloves to protect your hands
  • A dowel or cabob stick to hold the pen for you.  
  • Disposable straw
  • pool noodle or craft floral foam to stick the stick into holding your pen so that you are not laying it on its side.
  • Box cutter or blade
  • Water slide paper or cut vinyl-This part is not necessary, its just if you want to add a name or some kind of image to your pen. You can get this at your craft store or on Amazon.  If you have an ink jet printer, make sure its an ink jet paper.
    • you will need clear spray paint for water slides.

Your first steps are going to prep your pen.

Disassemble the pen:

Remove the clip off the outside of the pen.  Simply twist/break it off.  I use a set of pliers but you can twist it off with your hands.

Next disassemble the pen.  Make sure you have a container for the pieces, they can get lost and then your pen will not work.  Trust me, I am still looking for a pc to one of the pens I've made, I just know I will find it eventually.  Unscrew the pen tip.

You have unscrewed the bottom tip and placed it into a container, then pull out the pen with spring, and the top of the pen that clicks to use the pen.

All the innards of the pen should be put into a container or baggie so you do not lose them.  Just keep the barrels out.

Next take a box cutter and shave that nub off left from twisting off the clip.  Don't forget to face the blade away from you!

Get your barrels and sand them.  A quick sanding will just allow the paint or resin to stick since the pen has a rubber barrel.  

Next wash them off with water or alcohol and a paper towel to get the dust off.

Now is the fun part, choose a color of acrylic paint that matches the glitter you want to use.  This provides a base coat and colors the black pen so that you do not have black pen showing through your glitter. Paint a layer of paint onto the pen barrel, then pour glitter over it while its wet.  The glitter sticks to the barrel.  Let it dry.  I usually will do a bunch of pens at the same time so that it has time to dry.  I usually let it dry for at least an hour while I am painting/glittering more pens.

The next step is the first coat of UV resin. 

Slip a plastic straw into the barrel of the pen, find one that is snug, I save the ones from when we get fast food.  You will hold the kabob stick so that you have a clean place to hold it.  Get your noodle or your flower foam out because once you resin the pen and use your UV light you will want to stick the other end of the kabob stick into the foam to hold it up.

This is what my contraption looks like when I'm doing glitter pens.  Flower foam, sticks with straws and pens. 

Put your gloves on anytime you are working with resin, pour a small line of resin on to the barrel of the pen and rub it all over the pen.  Try not to get any inside the pen.  I usually go from one end of the pen to the other side smoothing it out.  A little goes a long way.  I often use about 3 strips of UV resin on 1 pen for the first coat.  I just put it on till its smooth.  Remember the more you use, the thicker your pen will be.

This pen has 1 coat of glitter and one coat of resin.  It's smooth enough to add vinyl or waterslide now.

Once you are done, hold the kabob stick and use your UV lamp for 3 or 4 minutes.  It should set, it may be slightly tacky  If it is tacky, you can put it outside for like 5 min and it will be dry.

Next, another layer of resin if you pen is not smooth.  If you feel glitter, you know you should use another layer of UV resin.  Then under the lamp for about 7 min until dry, or take it outside.

The pen should be pretty smooth and you shouldn't really be able to feel the glitter.  If you used chunky glitter, you may feel it.  You can sand it then clean it with alcohol or you can just keep adding layers or resin and repeating the drying process till it is smooth.  I have a few pens that I let be rough and they are fine.

Now, if you want, this is the time to add your water slides or even vinyl to the pen if you want to do so.  If you do not want to add waterslides or vinyl to your pen, you can skip this step.  Your pen has to be fully cured and not sticky to do the next step.

Water slide application:

Print an image on your water slide paper.  I have ink jet water slide paper

Next, you will want to clear coat the paper 3 times outdoors, letting it dry in between sprays.  This seals the water slide paper so that when it gets introduced to water, the ink doesn't just come off the paper.

Once you have done this, cut out the image you want to put onto your pen and throw it into some water for about 30 seconds (or look at the instructions on your specific waterslide paper).

Take the water slide out of the water, put the water slide image down on your pen and carefully slide it down so that the image sticks to your pen. If you wait till your water slide is even more wet, you can slide it off onto your finger and place it on to your pen.  

This process took me 6 sheets of paper to get right but I had never worked with this before.  You can add a tiny bit of water to your resin pen to help slide the water slide around and it will help you place it where you want it.

You will need to wait for your pens to dry.  You can also a paper towel and carefully dry off your pen.  I do a few pens at a time so by the time I am done with other water slides, my pen is dry.

The little paws are done with clear water slide.

If you have a Cameo or Cricut machine you can cut your vinyl and simply stick it to the barrel of the pen and move to the next step.  I really love the way it turns out.

This was done with vinyl.  You can use 651 (permanent vinyl) or 631 (non-permanent vinyl)  You are sealing your pen barrel with another coat of resin so it will stay.

Last coat of UV resin.  This is to cover the beautiful waterslide work or the vinyl you added so that it stays on your pen forever.  

Coat it, UV lamp it, sometimes its still sticky so I set it in the sun till its not tacky.  If you can still feel your water slide or your vinyl, do another coat of UV resin.  Sometimes I have to coat it multiple times.

You are done and have a gorgeous glitter pen!

Now for those of you that love making glitter pens there is a cool tool out there that I got on Amazon, they are called Non-Stick silicone sleeves and plugs for resin pens.  I bought a pack with dowels, sleeves, and plugs so that I could use those instead of sticks/straws.  They seem to work nicely and the silicone can be put under a lamp so any of the resin that gets on it will come right off once cured.  They are reusable and you simply put the sleeve inside the pen, over the dowel and the plug on top of the pen. I stick the dowel into the flower foam and I can remove it and place it back in anytime I want.  This also helps if you are doing multiple pens at a time.  The plug/sleeve prevents resin from going inside the pen.  They are made of silicone so the resin does not stick to them. Once you get the hang of it, you will want to make several at a time.  

Dowels, sleeve (green), plug (blue)

As you can see, the plug is at the top and the green sleeve is at the bottom of some of these pens.

I love making these for gifts and for myself!  I even made a couple for my husband as he is a teacher.  

As you make them, you can try different styles like 2 toned or even glitter designs.  I am new, so I'll stick to one color at a time!

Another fun idea is making boxes for them if you have a Cricut or Silhouette machine.  I made these cute little giftable boxes!


This is definitely one of my new favorite gifts. Also, people sell these things for 10.00.  So, if you would rather buy one, let me know what you would like and I can make one for you.

Thanks for reading and I hope you learned something today!


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Come sublimate on wood with Polycrylic finish & We r memory keepers heat transfer coating with me!

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