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Come Craft Cricut Pop Up Cards with ME!

  Come Craft Cricut Pop Up Cards with ME! I recently bought myself a Cricut Maker for Christmas. After being married for 28 years we just kinda buy our own Christmas presents.  When I started my crafting, years ago, Cricut came out with their first machine.  It seemed so awesome to be able to cut anything in any size.  My husband found it for a good deal and I got it for Christmas 2007.  I loved it! I still used it up till around 9 years ago when I upgraded to a Cameo.  I am still a Cameo girl but as I check out the Cricut stuff these days, I am impressed with how far they have come.  I pay 9.99 a month for Cricut access which allows me to use their font and image library.  If you do not have this access the cards are around 2.00 each to download and use indefinitely.   I was recently at a crop and a new friend made a 3d card, (hers was a unicorn) and she made this 3d card so easily.  It was so adorable!  I was impressed so I had to try it out myself.   Cricut has directions on their c

Come and learn about my favorite tools for using a Cricut or Cameo machine!

 Come and learn about my favorite tools for using a Cricut or Cameo machine!   Hello!  I decided it would be a great idea to show you the tools I use for my Cameo and Cricut machines.  I really enjoy using these machines and both brands are really great machines. I've tested branded items and the off brand items and these are my favorites! We are going over the following categories: Weeding & Vinyl Pin Pen Tool Tweezers Dental Tools Scrap holder Brayer Scraper Spatula Cricut True Control Knife Cutting mats Cricut Silhouette Off-Brand (Monicut HTVront Nicapa) Dollar Tree Mat Heat Presses Cricut Hat Press Cricut Mug Press Cricut Press Mini Cricut Easy Press 2 (9x9) Cricut Easy Press 2 (12x10) Fancier Studio 15x15 Digital Heat Press Cricut Joy Specific Tools Crafters Square adhesive cutting mat 4.5x6.5 in Crafters Square insert cards Transfer Tape Dollar Tree Contact Paper Amazon JandJpackaging transfer tape It can get super confusing when you are starting up and I am sure there a