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Come and sublimate tumblers with me in a convection oven!

 Hello and welcome to 2022!  My blog is officially 1 year old!  I am so excited to still be interested in blogging my craft ideas and my new craft adventures. Today we are talking about sublimating tumblers.  I have sublimated many things at this point including coffee mugs, keychains, washcloths, pillowcases, car coasters, coozies, mousepads, puzzles among other things. I heard you could use a convection oven to sublimate tumblers and I really got excited and got to work! Supplies you need: Sublimation printer I use the Epson Eco-Tank ET-2720 loaded with special sublimation ink (previous blog) Found mine at Best Buy for around 200 Sublimation paper I use Asub sublimation paper a 20 ounce tumbler would require at minimum 8.5x11 Amazon A computer system that allows you to modify images. I have Silhouette Studio I use with my Cameo (the software is free) Cricut design space will not allow you to print the size of image you need Canva is a good one too Heat tape Clear high temp heat tape