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Come sublimate a 30 ounce tumbler with me

Let's Make a 30 Ounce Tumbler! I bought some 30 ounce tumblers off amazon and decided I needed to sub them.   I have an 8.5x11 printer so I knew I would either have to tape the paper together or just have an image that took up most of the cup.  I decided for my very first tumbler I would just use an image that was smaller than the entire cup. Items you need: Sublimation printer Cricut mug press Sublimation treated tumbler 30 ounce Sublimation paper Parchment paper Heat resistant tape Heat resistant gloves First design and print your image.  I use silhouette studio but you can print it with whatever you have on sublimation paper with your sublimation printer. This is the image I decided to print. Once you have printed it, cut as close as you can to the image. Wrap it around your cup and use your heat resistant tape to put it on your cup as tight as you can.  Do not try and save tape, the more tape the better image you will get. Next turn your Cricut mug press on until it beeps. Put

Make more cups with me!

  I made cups for a friend, I even used her beetle color for the cup! I just love my mug press.  I can make anything and I love it!   So super easy with the cricut mug press and cricut cups. Items needed: Cricut Mug Press Cricut 15 ounce cups Sublimation printer Sublimation paper Heat resistant tape Print out your image on sub paper, cut it down, and tape it to your cup. Turn on your mug press and wait for it to heat up (it will beep) Insert your cup into the mug press and shut it.  Your handle will be sticking out and will remain cool. When your mug press beeps take your cup out do not touch it.  Use tweezers to remove the tape/sub paper to reveal your awesome cup!

Print Maker by American Crafts

 Come Craft With Me - Print Maker! Hi, I was watching HSN (I know dumb)!  And they had the todays special value as the Printer Maker.  This is a small hand held printer that will print on almost any surface!   It's AMAZING. I am so glad I bought it and I have no regrets.  Absolutely no buyers remorse on this one guys.   This printer is available at Michaels right now but on HSN you got special guides and things which made it a better price but most of the guides if not all of them are available for purchase.  American Crafts partnered with HP to make this printer so its definitely a good little printer. The PM is supported by Apple and Android apps and even has a desktop version that you can create print jobs from.  If you are a scrapbooker this is great because you can journal with this thing RIGHT ON YOUR SCRAPBOOK PAGE.  Think crops and portability! You can use this for cards, bags, tissue paper, ribbon, washi tape, scrapbooks, Band-Aids, popsicle sticks, I mean the possibilitie

Come Sublimate Again With Me!

 I am in love with sublimation. I found a great way to sublimate socks and ensure there are NO white lines in from stretching. get your sock, cut a pc of cardboard about an inch bigger than your sock. Put the sock on the cardboard before you heat press it. Yay socks I can wear!  The heel even comes out perfect! Stay Tuned for many many more items coming your way! 💓ImGinBugCrafter

Come and play with the Cricut Mug Press With Me!

  Cricut Mug Press Unboxing and Making 2 Coffee Cups! Open your lets get started booklet Take the plastic off your machine and follow the instructions in the booklet. Activate your product you must have cricut's design space on your computer to activate your mug press.  I don't have cricut stuff but I had to download it for the firmware update and to activate press. First I printed out a page of tye dye with my beetles on it.  I had downloaded an image off etsy to give me the proper dimensions for the 12 ounce cup. I printed the image on my sublimation printer, cut out the image, and wrapped it around.  It was super easy based on how the template was designed to cut it and place it on the cup.  I then taped it down with cricut heat resistant tape.  I put the heat press on top of a heat resistant pad and turned it on.  It took around 5 minutes or so to heat up and chirped when it was done.   I put the cup inside the press and made sure the handle was as closely centered as possi