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Come sublimate on wood with Polycrylic finish & We r memory keepers heat transfer coating with me!

 Come and sublimate on wood with me I bought a cup sublimation kit that included some heat transfer coating in it and I use sublimation products often so I had not tried it as a treatment.  I also heard you can sublimate on wood with Polycrylic finish too. I decided it was time to try it out.  I have 3 wood pcs from the dollar tree, they are all similar and they are all unfinished.  I wanted to try the following types of finish to see how the sublimation would work. Polycrylic finish Polycrylic finish diluted with water in a spray bottle We R Memory Keepers Heat Transfer Coating No Treatment First I had to treat the wood with the coating. We R Memory Keepers  I did 2 coats and let it dry completely before adding the 2nd coat.  I pressed these all at 280 for 60 seconds with a cricut EZ press.  I think they all would have come out better if I had not used the EZ press pad underneath.  I think they needed a hard base underneath them and no cushion.  The cushion seemed to allow for ghostin

Embroidery and creating your own patterns with your Silhouette and Sublimation Printer

Come make an embroidered quilt square with me  My family makes quilts for the new babies.  My cousin Shirley and my late Aunt Maddie would send out quilt squares to our family members and ask them to embroidery something on a square of quilted fabric and put their sur names on it, then mail it back to them.  They would then put the squares together to make a beautiful quilt for the baby.  My daughter received one when she was a baby and it was the most wonderful gift.  She still has it (at almost 26 years old) and knows that her family loves her very much.  I wish more people had participated on my husbands side of the family, however, its still a very special gift and she and I will cherish it forever.  One day I hope that she has a child of her own and I will continue the tradition, as well as, use this quilt on her child.  (if she chooses) Below is a picture of my daughters quilt.  Shirley and Aunt Maddie even made a few squares for family members that were no longer with us and mad

Come see me paint my very first water color ever.

Come and water color with me!  So, I've been watching on TikTok forever and she makes everything look so EASY!  Follow her if you get a chance, she does some really fun water colors and has really cute ideas. I decided I was going to paint a bus with water color.  It is not that great but I'm glad it looks like a bus. Supplies: Watercolor Paper Watercolors-I used CTMH Paint Brushes water bottle Paper towels Painters tape to tape off your paper Printer Pencil Okay, here goes nothing!  I have never water colored in my life so I knew this wouldn't be my best work.  I really wanted to try this out.   I covered the edges of my water color paper with painters tape to leave a boarder.  I've seen people do this so I just did it. Spray your water colors with water from your water bottle before you get started so that your paints are ready to use. I printed a pic of a bus.  I then flipped the print over and covered it with pencil. I traced along the image so tha

Sublimation on Keychains and luggage tags

  Come Craft Sublimation Keychains and luggage tags with me You can buy the keychain blanks and luggage tags at a lot of different places.  I usually just buy them on Amazon.  This time I used a Cricut Easy Press 2 that I recently purchased.  The 9x9 inch size and now its my favorite tool.  For sublimating small items it makes the process easier.  Your room doesn't get hot by the large press and it heats up fast! I have gone over sublimation in so many of my blogs that I'll highlight instructions. Supplies: Sublimation Key Chains and luggage tags Sublimation paper printed with your images Cricket Easy Press Cricket heat mat or towel folded up for cushion under your item First heat your easy press 2 up to the desired temp and set it to the desired time.  For mine I use 365 degrees F for 80 seconds. Then, tape your paper image to the sublimation item. Cover your heat mat with a piece of copy paper to protect your mat. lay the item and sub image down so that it gets the most heat.