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Simon Hurley Create Stamping Foam by Ranger (The best thing I've seen in a long time)

Stamping Foam!  Craft With Me! You can heat this puppy up and press anything into it to make a stamp.   This is the first time I have used this item and it was super simple to use.  I got the hang of it really fast and I will be using it a ton.  I was really impressed that I got such good impressions the very first time I used it.  You could also use this with an acrylic block I just didn't see a need. Items needed: Simon Hurley Create.  By Ranger Stamping Foam 3" x 4.25" block Water bottle-I used one from the Dollar Tree Heat gun-I used the Embossing Heat Tool by Marvy Cardstock-I actually used the back of a paper pad to practice Instructions: Heat your stamping foam up for around 15 seconds with your heat gun Stamp your foam onto your favorite texture Make sure to push your foam into the item pretty good Ink up your Foam!  Rub ink in a circular motion onto the stamping foam Spray the stamping foam with water (3 sprays fine mist will do) Stamp your foam onto paper Use yo