Come and make your own sublimation spray with me!


Come make some sublimation spray with me!

You are asking yourself what is sublimation spray and what is it used for?
Well, as you may or may not know, you have to sublimate on polyester.  The higher the % of polyester the higher chance your image will stay on the item you are subbing on.

Well, I found a way to make some spray that you can spray on cotton or any other fabric and it will sublimate.  

For instance, I tried sublimating on this random patch I have.  I don't know what it is made of so i wanted to see if it would work.  It didn't.  

Random Patch with no sub spray:

Then I made the sublimation spray.

Items you need:

  • Polycrylic protective finish, I used clear satin but you can use clear matte as well.
  • Spray Bottle
  • Water

Then your usual sublimation products:

  • Sub paper
  • Sub printer
  • Heat press
  • Fabric to sublimate on
To make the spray, use 8 ounces of water and 2 tablespoons of Polycrylic.  Mix them together into a jar (I used a mason jar to keep the excess available.)  Pour the mixture into a spray bottle.  I would use a fine mist spray bottle so that you get good coverage.

I sprayed 2 sprays onto the patches, then let it dry completely.  To speed up the process you can use your heat press and press for 10 seconds.  This will dry it pretty well.

This is the first image I got which turned out very well.  I just used a scrap image I printed last week.  It came out nicely with bright vivid colors.

Next, I printed the logo image (which should be a bit smaller) but I didn't allow the image to dry thoroughly.  You can see that it bled a bit.  I really wanted to see what would happen if it was not dry.  It didn't turn out terrible but again I need to make the image smaller to fit better.

The next image I used the heat press for 10 seconds to dry the material before I sublimated.  The image looks more crisp to me.

I had found these patches at Goodwill and I'm pretty excited about everything I can do with them now that I can sublimate on them.

Thanks for reading!

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