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Come and make UV resin stuff with me!

Make UV resin stuff with me!  Of course once everyone saw what I was doing others wanted to make stuff too! I've had all this resin stuff for over a year.  When I decided to make glitter tumblers, I bought a lot of other resin molds and things so that I could make resin items.  Well, shockingly I never did.  That was a year ago.  Everything turned out really nice! The kits were super inexpensive and came with all kinds of stuff including the light, a small bottle of resin, molds, glitter, and well here it is. Link to UV resin kit  I paid 16.99 plus tax, however, Amazon does change prices from time to time, so check out other listings.  Just make sure its a UV Resin Kit that includes the light and resin if you need it.  There are so many kits avail that you will want all of them. For UV resin you need a UV light to cure the resin.  This set came with one and I pulled out a gel UV light for my nails and that will work too. This is a pic of the table.  You can see all the stuff I drug