Embroidery and creating your own patterns with your Silhouette and Sublimation Printer

Come make an embroidered quilt square with me 

My family makes quilts for the new babies.  My cousin Shirley and my late Aunt Maddie would send out quilt squares to our family members and ask them to embroidery something on a square of quilted fabric and put their sur names on it, then mail it back to them.  They would then put the squares together to make a beautiful quilt for the baby.  My daughter received one when she was a baby and it was the most wonderful gift.  She still has it (at almost 26 years old) and knows that her family loves her very much.  I wish more people had participated on my husbands side of the family, however, its still a very special gift and she and I will cherish it forever.  One day I hope that she has a child of her own and I will continue the tradition, as well as, use this quilt on her child.  (if she chooses)

Below is a picture of my daughters quilt.  Shirley and Aunt Maddie even made a few squares for family members that were no longer with us and made a few from us.  At the time I didn't really embroider and had my hands full getting ready for a baby.

My cousin Shirley asked me to make a couple squares for her great grand babies over the last few years and I have made the following 2 so far.  My grandmother is gone so I also added her last name "Smalley" to them.  I was so excited to be a part of this family tradition.  It is a lot of work but it seriously just blesses my heart to help out.

My cousin Shirley is having a great grand son so I thought....I am going to make a square that looks like our 1971 bus.  I wasn't quite sure how to do the pattern and then it came to me!

I'll create the image and sublimate it on the square, then embroidery on top of it!  What a great idea!  Plus I think this square is cotton and if it is, it will wash out anyway.  

I created the image on my silhouette software, added the names to the top and bottom.

I then printed it out on regular copy paper since its just the pattern and I don't need it to be the best of quality and you won't be able to see it once I'm done embroidering.  Usually for sublimation I use quality sublimation paper.  I made the print in gray so it would easily be covered.  I cut around the image so I could center it easily, and taped it on my square with high heat tape made for sublimation.

I decided to use the Cricut easy press because its a small project and didn't want to heat up my room with my giant heat press.  Covered the print out it with some butcher paper, set my press on 400 degrees and used it for about 40 seconds. 

 I lifted up a corner just to check it and it transferred perfectly!  

Now there is a pattern  for me to follow and its custom to me.  Exactly what I want instead of buying an iron on that is already designed.  Now I can make my own custom patterns anytime I want!  

Next, to start embroidering.  There are lots of YouTube tutorials out there with fancy stitching but honestly, I usually just use a regular stitch.  Just search for embroidery and you will find so many videos on it.  Its a basic stitch, you start from underneath your fabric and put the needle up through the fabric on the line of your pattern.  Then take it over just a little, put it back down through your fabric (it makes a subtraction sign) then come back up through the middle of your subtraction sign and there is your first stitch.  When you are done tie it off with a double knot underneath your finished project.

I use a circle hoop to keep the fabric tight, it makes it easier to stitch.

Below is my finished square for the baby blanket!  I think it turned out adorable and I will use sublimation for patterns moving forward.  It worked out so well!

I know my cousin is going to be thrilled to receive this square for her great grandbaby boy.  :)  

I am excited to send it to her.

If you have any tips for embroidery, or just want to send a comment, please do!
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