Come sublimate on wood with Polycrylic finish & We r memory keepers heat transfer coating with me!

 Come and sublimate on wood with me

I bought a cup sublimation kit that included some heat transfer coating in it and I use sublimation products often so I had not tried it as a treatment.  I also heard you can sublimate on wood with Polycrylic finish too.

I decided it was time to try it out.  I have 3 wood pcs from the dollar tree, they are all similar and they are all unfinished.  I wanted to try the following types of finish to see how the sublimation would work.

  1. Polycrylic finish
  2. Polycrylic finish diluted with water in a spray bottle
  3. We R Memory Keepers Heat Transfer Coating
  4. No Treatment

First I had to treat the wood with the coating.

We R Memory Keepers 

I did 2 coats and let it dry completely before adding the 2nd coat.  I pressed these all at 280 for 60 seconds with a cricut EZ press.  I think they all would have come out better if I had not used the EZ press pad underneath.  I think they needed a hard base underneath them and no cushion.  The cushion seemed to allow for ghosting by not putting enough pressure under the wood item.

Polycrylic and water spray
I sprayed a ton of this on the frame until it was running off and let it dry.  The paper did not stick at all when I removed it after heat pressing.  There was some ghosting but I think this is due to the heat pad as well.

I used a generous amount and put 2 coats letting it dry between coats till it was not sticky.

The paper did stick to this one once I pressed it.  I ran it under water and washed the paper off with a cloth.  It came off easily.  

This time, I just used wood without any treatment and it seemed to come out pretty decent.

Next blog I am going to use Polycrylic because it did show the best color, however, I am not going to use the heat pad.  That way I have a harder, flatter surface to work with and I will post a blog!  I think they all came out pretty good though and I plan on hanging them in my scrapbook room.  They were so easy to use and so inexpensive to make.  The hardest part is deciding which image to use!

I hope you liked my blog.  

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