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 Come Craft With Me - Print Maker!

Hi, I was watching HSN (I know dumb)!  And they had the todays special value as the Printer Maker.  This is a small hand held printer that will print on almost any surface!  


I am so glad I bought it and I have no regrets.  Absolutely no buyers remorse on this one guys.  

This printer is available at Michaels right now but on HSN you got special guides and things which made it a better price but most of the guides if not all of them are available for purchase.  American Crafts partnered with HP to make this printer so its definitely a good little printer. The PM is supported by Apple and Android apps and even has a desktop version that you can create print jobs from.  If you are a scrapbooker this is great because you can journal with this thing RIGHT ON YOUR SCRAPBOOK PAGE.  Think crops and portability!

You can use this for cards, bags, tissue paper, ribbon, washi tape, scrapbooks, Band-Aids, popsicle sticks, I mean the possibilities are endless.  I accidentally printed on my Silhouette Cameo mat!  LOL

You can import images, of your face, car club logos, your pets, your friends, anything!

It retails at Michaels for 199.99 right now and there are some accessories to choose from.

I am excited because you can make your own embellishments at the touch of a button.  It is so hard to find ASU scrapbooking embellishments but hmmmm I can take a picture, use an app to remove the background off of a photo, and make washi tape or ribbon, or journal, or really make anything to match my daughters ASU scrapbook now!

Check out some things I did with it.

They have guides so you can ensure the design is straight but I clearly didn't use them yet.  :)  There is a light that glows to show you exactly where it will begin to print.  You can set the print to print 1-10 of the image or an infinite amount.  

you can use the guide to help guide you in perfect straight lines.

If I want to journal on scrapbook pages I can do that by using multiple text boxes or using the guide to printing multiple lines on the scrapbook page.

I can also use this for my sentiments.  I can take a picture of a stamped image and import it or just type one out for my card.

I can even make my own handmade by print with whatever I want on it.

How cool right?

Then there is washi tape and ribbon!

I'll be blogging about that when I start creating washi and ribbon with my print maker.  

Thanks for reading and please follow me!

💓 ImGinBugCrafter


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