Come and play with the Cricut Mug Press With Me!

 Cricut Mug Press Unboxing and Making 2 Coffee Cups!

Open your lets get started booklet

Take the plastic off your machine and follow the instructions in the booklet.

Activate your product

you must have cricut's design space on your computer to activate your mug press.  I don't have cricut stuff but I had to download it for the firmware update and to activate press.

First I printed out a page of tye dye with my beetles on it.  I had downloaded an image off etsy to give me the proper dimensions for the 12 ounce cup.

I printed the image on my sublimation printer, cut out the image, and wrapped it around.  It was super easy based on how the template was designed to cut it and place it on the cup.  I then taped it down with cricut heat resistant tape.  I put the heat press on top of a heat resistant pad and turned it on.  It took around 5 minutes or so to heat up and chirped when it was done.  

I put the cup inside the press and made sure the handle was as closely centered as possible.

The press makes a beep when it is done and I took the cup out.  The handle of the cup is not hot, but the cup itself is super super hot so do not touch it.  Let it cool and use heat resistant gloves to peel off the tape and paper.  Look PERFECT!

This was my very first cup and it turned out fabulous!

I made two for our upcoming VW campout.  It was so super simple, I am so glad I bought the cricut press even though I use a Silhouette Cameo for my cutting.  I love it!

A few more pics:

The cool thing is you can use this press with a few other types of sublimation cups.  I watched a few videos and there are a ton of types of cups that will work in this machine.  I cannot wait to sublimate more!  

Do you have a cricut mug press?  How do you like it?  What kinds of things have you done with it?

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