Mint Stamp Machine by Silhouette

 Come and make a stamp with me!

I haven't used my stamp making machine in quite some time.  My husband is a Special Ed teacher and he asked me today if Amazon sold custom stamps and I laughed and said, your wife does! He couldn't believe that I could make stamps!  haha so I designed a stamp for him to use for his teacher passes etc.

The supply list is really all Silhouette branded items as for the stamp maker I feel theirs come out best.  I have seen others use reinkers from your current collection and they work.


  • Silhouette Mint Machine
  • Silhouette Mint stamp kit, I chose the 15x60 mm set
  • Silhouette reinkers
I designed the stamp in the Mint software that comes with the machine.

We have beetles so he wanted a beetle on his stamp.

You simply feed the stamp blank into the machine and the machine accepts it and makes your stamp in seconds.

You adhere the stamp blank on the block it comes with.  Then you want to put ink onto the pad directly on the image and let it sit for about 10 minutes.

Stamp it about 20 times till the excess is removed and you have a brand new custom stamp.

After about 50 stamps you will need to re ink it, let it site ans stamp off the excess again.  Also keep the lid on to keep it wet.  I really like being able to make stamps as I need them.  

If you have any questions please write me a comment!


  1. That is really cool, I think I need to add this to my wish
    Great job, I bet his students like it too!

    1. Thanks for commenting!!! He really liked it and the kids did too. Before you buy this, the company we r memory makers is coming out with a photo polymer stamp maker in May. I cannot wait to get my hands on it!


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