Come Use a MISTI With Me!

 Come and use a MISTI with me!

Most Incredible Stamping Tool Invented (that is what MISTI stands for)

Out of all the stamping tools I have used, I prefer the MISTI.

There are several similar items on the market and if you have a different brand, use it.  MISTI was the first brand to come out with this type of stamping tool.  A few of my Best Friends got together for my 40th birthday and gifted me my MISTI.  I have the 8.5x11 inch version and I LOVE it.  I prefer to stamp with it.  I love that if I do not get a clear image the first time, I can go back and reink it.  I do not know everything about using a MISTI but I will show you how I use it.

A few things you can do with the MISTI or any stamping platform:

Layering Stamps
Perfect impressions
Mass Producing cards
Stamping on die cuts (after you have cut them)
Large Stamps, background stamps, solid stamps easily

Cleaning your misti, I have had good luck with the stampin up cleaner and have had no issues with my screen printed grid coming off.

Simple way of using your Misti

Put your paper down, then the magnets.  I have washi tape on my magnets so that I can pick them up easier.

Position the stamps on your paper 
Close the door, this will pick up your stamps

Ink your stamps and flip over your door to the paper side.
Use your hand to rub and push down the door or a Stamp chuckie

Open the door and if your image needs reinking, reink it and reapply!  If you make sure your paper is butted against the side and bottom or top, if your paper moves at all, just put it back in the exact same place.  It's the best thing in the world.  Think background stamps, large stamps, solid stamps, oh and don't forget layered stamps!  This makes it so much easier!

If you have any tips amd tricks for your MISTI leave a comment!  

Thanks for reading!


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