Come see me paint my very first water color ever.

Come and water color with me!

 So, I've been watching on TikTok forever and she makes everything look so EASY!  Follow her if you get a chance, she does some really fun water colors and has really cute ideas.

I decided I was going to paint a bus with water color.  It is not that great but I'm glad it looks like a bus.


  • Watercolor Paper
  • Watercolors-I used CTMH
  • Paint Brushes
  • water bottle
  • Paper towels
  • Painters tape to tape off your paper
  • Printer
  • Pencil

Okay, here goes nothing!  I have never water colored in my life so I knew this wouldn't be my best work.  I really wanted to try this out.  

I covered the edges of my water color paper with painters tape to leave a boarder.  I've seen people do this so I just did it.

Spray your water colors with water from your water bottle before you get started so that your paints are ready to use.

I printed a pic of a bus.  I then flipped the print over and covered it with pencil.

I traced along the image so that the pencil on the back transferred to the water color paper.  It does, the lines are just very faint.

I wet a brush and then swept water all over the first area I wanted to paint.  I then dipped my brush into the paint and painted it.  

I don't thing I did that terrible but obviously, I haven't done this much.

I decided I needed some grass and sky.

Took the tape off.  Ummmm be very careful to not rip your paper taking the tape off. (from experience)......

It may look like a kindergartener did it but hey, it's my first try ever!  Next, I will be trying this with black glue.  You take white school glue, mix black acrylic paint into it, and your outline your image before you start painting.

That one may come out better.  We will see!!!!

Thanks for reading and please follow me to learn out to watercolor like a child. HAHAHA



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