Come and make wax seals with me!

Come and make wax seals with me!

So I was on Amazon......Isn't this how it all starts?  Or was in Instagram?  Shoot IDK but I was looking for a new craft and I found some wax seals.  How fun is this?  I make cards so why not make some wax seals to add that extra special touch.  

I would just go to amazon and search for a wax seal kit.  That is what I did. The one I got was around 20.00 and came with everything I needed to get started except a lighter to light the tea light! 

Amazon link of the kit I bought.

It came with tea lights, wax pellets, markers, the wax stamps, some envelopes, the little scooper spoon thing and holder so I can melt the wax.  It didn't come with the wax seal mat I am using, but I did buy that on amazon as well.

Link of the mat

What you are going to need:

  1. Tea light
  2. Spoon thingymabobber and holder
  3. Metallic markers
  4. Wax or even crayons, candles, get creative
  5. Mat or not (you can just drip the wax on the envelope but its a little tricky
  6. Metal stamper things
So, its been a while since my last blog because my daughter was graduating from ASU in Graphic Design (with honors) yay!  So I was busy making things.  You would think that I would have taken pics so I could blog them but that would be really smart!  LOL

I bought like 4 graduation stampers and went on a search for maroon and gold wax.  I found some and they turned out so adorable.

Below is a picture of them.  I made so many and scattered them on tables and added them to the party favors.  I just love them.

Okay so this is what the spoon melter holder thing looks like (there is prob a name) oh its just called a melting spoon and a spoon holder! LOL Mine looks very gross and dirty.  I know... I know... but it doesn't affect the outcome!

Then these are the wax melt things.  They come in sticks for a glue gun, rods, and these little chunks.  I prefer the chunks, the glue gun gets all messy and I'm not sure its operable after I used it for wax, and the sticks are not as easy to control.  The sticks do drip and that is a fun effect.

Light your candle tea light, place your melter on top of it and then put like 4 wax melts into the spoon, and sit your spoon on top like this till its all melted like the pic.

Once the wax is melted, pour it either onto the envelope and place your stamper right on top.

Try not to spill your tea light like I did.  I got it all over some of the wax seals and my desk, my leg, my hand.  It didn't really burn, I mean really......we have all been burnt by a glue gun and that was definitely worse.

I have this handy dandy mat so I pour the wax into one of the circles in the mat and place my metal stamp on top till it dries.  Carefully peel off your was seal.  You can leave it as is, or you can color the image with a metallic marker to make it pop!

If you are doing a lot of them, and your stamper gets hot, the wax will stick, so make sure you are letting it cool off.  By lots I mean like 30! And you can always keep a ice pack handy and use that to cool off the stamper.

This is how it sticks if you don't let it cool enough.  You can peel it off and if you don't like the way one comes out, just re-melt it.

I just love these!  Below are some of the wax seals I made tonight to show you!  Don't forget you can mix match colors of the wax together to make your own little combo!  I think my favorites are the paw and the rose.  They are just adorable!

I am completely addicted!  I found the best prices on amazon.  I tried to buy a customized metal stamp with my blog logo on it but the font is just too small and you cannot make my web address out.  If you choose that route, just know that tiny letters are not that great for wax seals.

This is what the wax seal looks like and you really cannot see it even when I run a metallic marker over it.

I love this craft and I think you will too.  Let me know in the comments if you have used them and what works best for you!

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