Come and sublimate with me again on wood!

Come and sublimate with me again on wood!

So I am in love with sublimation.  I found out a way to sublimate on wood! 

Supplies needed

  • Sublimation printer
  • Sublimation paper
  • A flat wooden item
  • Heat Press
  • Thermal laminating pouches
First you need to treat your wood so that the sub ink will adhere.  To do this you need to heat press your thermal laminating pouch on the wood.

You only need half of one pouch.  Cut it in half and heat press it onto your wood at about 15 seconds.  You can also do this on top of flat canvas too.  I cut my lamination sheet to match the wood or you can cut the lamination off the wood once you are done.  Whichever is easier for you.

Let that cool and print out your sublimated image.  Lay your sub image on top of the coated wood and press your image on.  Its that simple.  I man by simple I mean you have already uploaded a design, changed it, made it work with the wooden item.

Here you have it!  I made a few things at lunch today from the dollar tree.

This really opens up so many more items I can sublimate.  I am so excited to keep it up.

Thanks for reading, leave me a comment!



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