Come and Sublimate with ME!

 Convert an Epson ET-2720 into a Sublimation Printer!

For my birthday this year my husband got me a printer that will use sublimation ink.  This has opened my eyes to a whole world of craftiness.  I did the research to find my best possible options and found a really good deal.

What is Sublimation you ask?

It is the process in which ink gets turned into a gas and infuses into the fabric or treated item causing the item to dye.  Its pretty awesome because there is no vinyl to deal with or weed.  You simply print an image and heat press it on with a heat press.

Items you need to do this:

  • Epson Eco Tank printer
    • Most models will work, I bought the Et-2720
    • Sublimation ink, I bought the hiipoo brand found on amazon at this link
    • Sublimation Paper, I bought the paper on amazon at this link
    • Something to sublimate on.
      • Must be 60% or more polyester or special treated items for sublimation purpose.  There are a ton of them on Amazon.
    • A heat press or easy press but it must get to around 400 degrees
Its super simple to convert this printer. First DO NOT put the ink that comes with the printer into the new printer.  Throw it away or sell it on offerup or FB.  Get rid of it!

Second, ink up your printer.  The brand of ink I purchased fits right onto the ink tanks of the printer and literally flows right in.

Make a few settings tweaks and print.  Its that simple.

Use this link for a great video from Cosmo Ink, they make sublimation ink as well and have a great video on how to do this, all the settings, and it comes out perfect.

Click here to find the video on conversion and the settings you will want to use to ensure a good print.

I bought some socks from the .99 store to practice on and decided to do a fun tie-dye print with my VWs on the top.  I think it turned out pretty cute.  I pressed on 400 for around 60 seconds.  They are not perfect, but for my first try, I think they turned out pretty nice.

Now I am on the look out for cheap 60% or better polyester items to sub on.  There are so many fun things at the dollar store like kitchen towels, shop rags, and hot holders.  

Once I start doing more, i'll keep blogging on them.

Leave me a comment if you have any questions!
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