Create a ink tower from Dollar Tree supplies with me!

 Come and Create an ink tower with me!

This is not my idea, in fact, the youtube I got the idea from is located at the following path.  I did modify the design a bit so I will post instructions below:


  • 12 Crafter's square rectangular wooden crates from the Dollar Tree
  • 48 wooden clothese pins from the Dollar Tree
  • Snippers, sharp scissors, or a box cutter
  • Gorilla glue (white) or some kind of wood glue
  • Spray paint
  • Velcro to adhere ink blending pads
  • Ink blending pads
If you want to make a Lazy Susan, 2 cake pans and some marbles to fill the bottom of a cake pan

First, you will want to prep your items.

Separate your clothes pins.  Throw away the metal centers.

Next, measure your clothespin by placing it inside one of the crates.  It will need to be the size of the crate.  This piece will later be glued inside to make a holder for each ink.

Mark with a marker the part of the clothes pin that sticks out, you will want to cut that part off.

I then simply used one as a template and marked all the clothes pins so that later I can snip them all off.

I then made a paper template marking 1 and 1/8th inches on each crate.  This is where you will glue your clothes pins to make little ledges for your inks.  

Now grab your husband, dad, brother, boyfriend, or neighbor and ask if they have any wire snippers.  These worked so much better than scissors.  I snipped all the ends off my clothespins.

Glue in your clothespins.  Make sure the flat side is up (I did mess up on one of mine but it holds fine.)  Eyeball to make sure both sides look even and the clothespins are straight.  Also, if you notice on mine I flipped the middle tier upside down so that it would look better, if you do this make sure you glue your clothespins the appropriate way.

I let this dry until the white glue turned clear and took them outside.  I chose to spray paint mine so that they were a nice color of yellow, I did not spray-paint the backs because it will not be showing.  I let them dry and then glued them together.

I used a lot of glue but I want them to hold up

I put them all together, let them dry for about an hour, and then glued each tier to each other.

This is my finished ink tower.  I have not added a lazy susan to it, I may do that at a later time.  For now, I am going to put all my awesome inks in it.  I also added a couple bins to the top to hold reinkers and my ink blending tools.  This one is going to be strictly for my Distress Oxides!

If you make one, let me know!

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