Store Your Distress Oxide Inks with Me!

Organize Distress Oxides With Me!

 I've recently purchased a lot of Distress Oxide Inks. 

Close to My Heart does have a selection of them available on my shop:

Distress Oxide™ Ink Pads | Close To My Heart 

The big box stores have them as well but if you are my VIP you get credit on your purchases!

I love them!

I've been learning a lot from YouTube and have I love the storage solution I have.

I found this old wooden cassette tape holder at Goodwill, painted it teal, and I use it for my ink pads.

As you can see I again ran out of room but I am a hoarder so I just cannot help it, I love ink!

I found a document online that has all the colors and names of each Distress Oxide.  I printed this out on label paper and had my Cameo cut out stickers.  I applied them upside down because I want to store my inks upside down. I have been told that you do not need to store them upside down but I just do.

You can get your own copy here:  Organize Your Ranger Products (

They have lists upon lists of their products and I love that.

I then saw a youtube where someone used velcro to apply the blending foams to the bottom of the ink pads and that way you always have one available to use.  I found the velcro fastener dots at the dollar tree in the craft section and they were the perfect size.  I just used the hard side because the ink blenders have the soft side of velcro already there.

I might just apply them to every ink pad so that I can blend and I am not searching for a blending foam.

Next, I was looking for a solution to use when I go to crops.  I don't like having stuff falling all over the place in my crop bags so I checked out Totally Tiffany.  She has buddy bags for pretty much any item in your craft room and I love them.  They are plastic, sturdy, and see through.  I found the Erma bag that holds these perfectly and bought a couple.  I should have them soon.  It has a velcro closure and a little handle for carrying.  This should secure my inks so that I do not have to worry about them falling all over the place inside my cart.  

I purchased mine on Amazon but check out the Totally Tiffany website for great organizational ideas and all her buddy bags! Totally Tiffany EZ20 Buddy Bag EDNA - Rib, Transparent

Buddy Bags - Craft Supply Organizer - Shop by Organizer (

I have totally gotten into these oxides and will be posting a blog on them shortly.  For now, organizing all of them has been fun!

Thanks for organizing Distress Oxides with me!

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