Distress Inks

 Come use Distress Inks with me!

The other day I found myself at Michaels and thought to myself, I need a present for myself.  I had just watched a youtube about it from Betz Golden and wanted to try it out on a card I had made.

I decided I needed some distress ink.  Instead of full size I remembered one of my friends had some small inks in a container.  I found them!  I got these colors and this tin to store them in.

I was looking for something to put on the back of this bus card.  It has shimmer but you really cannot see it and I wanted it to pop.

I used the spiced marmalade and mustard seed to get the look below.  The background was made by smooshing the ink pads directly onto the card and moving them around a little.  I also sprayed it with a bit of water and rubbed it with a tissue to get get a more mixed look.  I really love how it turned out and will be making more cards with that fun tie dye background look.

The next card I decided to make is for a friends birthday.  She has a blue beetle like mine so I used the peacock feathers and salty ocean inks.  Again just rubbing the ink pads directly on the card, no special blending tool was used on this.  I sprayed with a fine mist of water and rubbed it with my finger.  The background turned out super pretty.

I decided to paper piece a beetle on the front of the card and add a foil accent inside that say Happy Birthday.  I added some fun 40s since she is turning 40 this year! I used a sentiment from CTMH a long with Bluebird exclusive ink from CTMH to match the card.

The distress ink blends quite easily.  One of the ink pads seemed a bit dry but I added a squirt of water and it seems to perk right up!  I really like these tiny inks.  

Another technique you could try is dropping droplets of water on top of the inked card.  This makes slightly distorted lighter colored drop marks.

Last but not least, do you own a water brush?  Well you should.  This allows you to water color with any water based ink.  Meaning these inks or even the close to my heart inks will allow you to watercolor and this pen can be used over and over. You can either smoosh your ink pad on a glass matt and pick up the ink with the water brush, or go directly onto the ink pad.  I do caution going directly onto your ink pad because you do not want to dilute your ink pad.

To purchase a water brush click here

Leave a comment for me!  How do you use your distress inks?

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