Come Prime Your Stamps With Me!

 Prime your stamps with me!

Do you ever get a brand new set of clear stamps and they do not stamp well?

its not you, or your stamps, or your ink.  During the manufacturing process of clear stamps a thin layer of something is applied to the surface of the stamp.  Sometimes that causes a stamp to stamp a blotchy image the first few times you use it.

I am going to show you a few ways to prime your stamps so that you do not have this issue.

It is best to get into the habit of priming your stamps the first time you use them.  

There are a few ways to prime your stamp.  Try them all and see which way you like?

Lets prime those stamps!

1. Versamark

I saw this tip from Jennifer McGuire and it really is a cool trick.  Check her out on YouTube as she is a wealth of knowledge.

You can stamp once with a Versamark ink pad and your stamp should stamp clearer.

Simply stamp on a scratch piece of paper, wipe off the excess versamark with your hand and it should be primed.  

The left side was primed with Versamark.  You can see the right side has more of a spotty look.  

I will definitely be using this way to prime my stamps in the future.

2.  Try using an eraser.  It will erase that top film that often stays on your brand new stamps.  I think it turns out great and its super fast.  Just give your stamps a quick erase and you should get a nice clean stamped image.

3.  Nail File

I did not try this because I just don't like scratching up my stamps.  Some people use a nail file and gently file down the top of the clear stamp.  I have ruined some of them before so I just do not prefer this way at all.

4.  You can just keep stamping on a scratch piece of paper until you get a clear image.  

Sometimes you have to try multiple methods.  Not all stamps are made the same way so if you don't get a perfect impression the first time, try another method to prime your stamps.

Now you have a few ways to prime your stamps.  Most of the time you have to prime all clear stamps.  Initially you may think your stamps or ink is bad but that is not the case.  

How do you prime your stamps?  Leave a comment below and let me know.  I am always looking for new tips and tricks.

Thank you for Crafting With Me!


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