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My Craft Room!

Yes, I said my craft room.  I am going to show you the good, the bad, and the ugly of my craftroom.  

Its not usually clean but I am organized and everything has its place.  I feel like I just have too much but I LOVE it.  Its far from perfect but its mine.  Its my absolute favorite place in my house.  Its under constant contraction and likely will never be up to my expectations.

I am hoping this blog will get me to clean it up so that I can take pics for you. :)

I'll start with my favorite organization techniques that I have found.


I feel like we all have thousands of stamps.  I used to stamp them all in a binder and I would name and number each page with the same on a drawer.  I got really sick of that method and having to stamp everything, clean it, and then organize it.  

Google Keep

I found Google Keep.  What I love about this app is that I can take a pic of my item, name it, put in key words (like dog), tell myself where it is located in my craft room, and that way when I'm shopping I can look for it and stop myself from buying duplicates.

For instance I did a search in my app "dog" and everything I own that is dog related comes up and it even tells me which # of drawer the stamp is in so that I can find it. 

I have dies, stamps, inks, re inkers, stickles, nuvo drops, printer ink names, and basically all my craft supplies in this app because I always have my phone with me and I can easily see if I have it already.

This cute doggie stamp set is available on the CTMH website.  Check it out by clicking HERE

My Drawer system looks like this.  I label every drawer with the theme and a drawer # so that if I am looking for a dog stamp, I go into google keep and find the one I want to use, then I can find the drawer number in my google keep app and find the stamp I'm looking for easily.

Now for the bad and the ugly.  I am a Close to My Heart Maker and I have become obsessed with their stamps.  Especially the stamp of the month (ITS ONLY 5.00 OR FREE if you order enough or become a VIP).

These are my CTMH stamps cataloged this way, the drawers under them are numbered and cataloged as well.

Then I have these drawers under my desk which are cataloged and numbered.

I could say I've collected these for the last 25+ years so that is why I have so many, BUT......  I got rid of tons of stamps a couple years ago.

I guess its time to go back through my stash and get rid of what I don't use.  I don't need all these.  


 I have 2 over the door shoe hangers that I put all my punches in.  Again, I got rid of some of them a couple years ago and this way I can see what I have.  These are also cataloged in my google keep app!

Ink Storage

I recently bought the Best Craft Organizer - PortaInk Dual Swivel Traveler - Ink Pad Storage.  I bought this at the Best Craft Website (click here)

I bought the PortaInk Dual Swivel Traveler Ink Pad Storage and 4 of the marker buddies.

It swivels, there is storage at the top (I added a tin to the top).  I really like it as it holds a lot of inks.  Its double sided and I can put a ton of markers in the marker buddy as well.  Each marker buddy holds 24 markers and this contraption will hold 48 ink pads.  I have Closet to My Heart Ink in mine, but the Stampin Up pads fit perfectly in it as well.  

Speaking of Ink, You MUST try the CTMH ink pads.  I wish I had found them when i first started crafting because I have wasted so much money on ink.

A few awesome things about this ink:

  • The ink pad is connected inside the lid so your pads are always stored upside down and they stay juicy.
  • The lids are magnetic so you really do not even need a ink holder, you could just stack them and the magnets keep them together.
  • The colors are nice an vibrant.
  • Water based so you can use them with spray bottles to get a fun effect.
  • We also have non water based inks but I have not had any issues once they are dry coloring over them.
  • We sell matching paper, ink, and reinkers.  You will only have to buy this ink pad once.  Get a reinker so that it stays juicy and you are all set.  
I fell in love with these inks so I have bought most of the colors.  I won't have to buy any more ink now.

Check it out by clicking HERE

Desktop Tools

Pen/Tool Holder

I have a lot of desktop tools.  One of them is this awesome pen holder I got at the Dollar Tree but instead of Pens it holds my tools.  Scissors, tweezers, a few brushes, picks, whatever I use a lot so that I have them handy.  I sat it on top of this lazy susan that I got at Tuesday Morning and it works out perfectly to hold my desktop tools.

Clear 2 drawer set

I bought these at the .99 only stores for 3.99 each.  I store my small ink pads, sprays, embossing pens, pencils, waxes, and some markers in them.  They are clear so I can see what is in them.  The risers I bought at Dollar Tree for 1.00 each.  I store my Spectrum Noir markers underneath with the Spectrum noir Marker Trays.  They can be found on Amazon (click here)

Cameo and drawers

So much storage can be found at Goodwill and second hand stores but you have to be patient.  I found this cart there and it fits my Cameo perfect and allows me to have all kinds of drawer storage for stencils, Cameo blades and items, Mint with accessories, paints, pastels, etc.
Don't mind my dog blankets at the bottom, they love to sleep there!

Paper Storage

I found this awesome paper tower at Goodwill.  My husband actually found it for me.  Awesome right?  I labeled the paper slots so that I can quickly find what I am looking for.  It has a metal pc on the outside and I glued magnets to my shaker bits and they fit perfectly on my paper tower.  I can also see what I have and take them to a crop!

I  store 8.5x11 inch paper in my Kellax cube.

Xyrons refill storage is in a Kellax Cube while the machines are sitting near my desk on another piece I found at Goodwill.  I have Xyrons on that shelf, Spellbinders, color street nail strips, cup turner, minc, lots and lots of stuff.

Ribbon & Bling Storage

I have this cute wall hanger and decided to use paint buckets for my bling.  I have jars of buttons and some tape up there.  

Sticker holder

I bought a 4 tiered shoe rack and some clippy things from ikea.  I bent down all the shoe prongs except the top one (I use that as a basket).  I hung the clippy things from each prong and it holds my stickers for me.

Finished Card Drawers

When I finish cards I store them in this old metal cataloger I got at Goodwill.  My dad used to have these in the cotton gin for Farmers and they would sign in and our their cotton trucks.  When I saw them, I had to buy them for my room.

Project Boxes

I have these 12x12 project boxes that are normally for paper storage.  I use them to store my HTV, 651 Vinyl, and any project I am currently working on.

Right now I have the following:
  • Disney (2 actually)
  • Cruise
  • HTV
  • Vinyl

This helps me when I feel like scrapbooking I pull out the bin I need, get some paper out and I'm ready to roll.

When I am making t shirts I can pull out my HTV bin and quickly look through the colors.  

Now for the ugly, I know what is up there.  Its just alot of stuff.
Card kits, magazines, blank cards and xyron refills.  I should make it prettier but I don't have it in me.

I have other areas of my craft room but those are my faves.  I hope it helps you decide on your own organization.  

I really need to go through things and get rid of stuff.  It is so hard to let go of things.

If you have any fun organizational ideas, leave them in the comments! I am always looking for ideas.

Happy Scrapping 💓


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