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Brother Laser Printer and Foil HL-L2315-DW.  And a few Social Media Influencers I follow that you don't want to miss!

As you know I have recently gotten into foiling with the Minc machine.  It uses glue or toner to adhere the foil.  I realized quickly that I really wanted to be able to design my own files to foil. For that I needed a laser printer.  Laser printers are not that cheap so I started doing a lot of research because I REALLY wanted to do this.

If you are not aware, there is a YouTube influencer named Nancy Stamps.  She is the foiling queen and if you are interested in foiling, she is the ONLY person you should be paying attention to.  She also has a group on FB called Foiling Snobs Club.  Its where I have gotten all my printer tips.  Nancy uses a Brother laser printer and honestly every tip I have gotten has been from her or her group.  I found her initially by watching a video from Simon Hurley who is another one of my absolute favorite YouTube influencer.

You can follow Simon Hurley Create here on FB or here on Instagram
You can follow Nancy Stamps here on FB or here on Instagram
If you are interested in the Foiling Snobs Club, you can find it here.

One more person that I follow for great ideas is Betz Golden.  I met her at the Paper Collage at a crop once and she was so nice.  Now if there is something I want to learn about, she is one of the first profiles I look at.

Betz Golden on FB here
Betz Golden on Instagram here

You really need to check them out because they have the best ideas.

Now for the fun part!  Below is the printer I bought and a couple things I have printed/foiled.

I made this background with a beetle image I had, I plan on using this in my Beetle scrapbook.

In the Foiling Snobs Club FB page they had this file, so I downloaded it and printed it out then foiled it.  This will be used as card fronts.

The cool thing is that I can use the reverse now.  I can easily print a page of paper that is all toner and adhere the  foil on it to use at a later date.  I learned this tip from Nancy Stamps and I could watch her tutorials all day long.

I printed out a few different designs so I could foil them!  See below, the possibilities are endless!

I am going to use these all for card fronts.  I printed out the images and foiled without any issues!

The coverage is perfect!  I cannot wait to make some cards with my newly foiled paper!

If you have any questions, put it in the comments!  I hope this inspires you to start foiling!


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