Close To MY Heart Embossing Pens and the Glue Quill Pen used with the Silhouette Cameo 4

Come Craft With Me! 

We are going to play with the CTMH Embossing Pens and the Glue Quill Pen.

I am eager to find out how the Glue Quill Pen holds up to the Heidi Swap Pen that I did a post on previously.  I cannot wait to get some embellishments ready to use.

You can use these pens without an electronic cutting machine, but my handwriting is TERRIBLE, so I used my machine to create the images.  If you have good handwriting the same techniques could be used freehand or even with a stencil.

You will need the following items in order to Craft With Me:

Silhouette Cameo 4 (Click here to buy)
Silhouette Cameo Pen Holder (Click here to buy)

I have had the Close to my Heart embossing pens laying around outside of their packaging for at least a year and a half and never have used them.  I got concerned of them drying up but guess what, they are not dry at all!  

I have also had the Glue Quill pens for around 6 months but they are in the original packaging and unopened.

CTMH embossing pens

The pens come in a pack of 3 different widths.  I used the fine tip for this project.

I used the embossing pens in my Cameo 4 machine with the pen holder to draw out the images I wanted to emboss with the Pen.  

The embossing ink came out steadily without any additional pressure.  I simply put them into my pen holder and they drew perfectly the very first time!

I then had my Cameo 4 cut the images out of the paper so that I could easily emboss them.

The images below were all embossed and came out awesome.  I had a few rookie mistakes but that was due to the embossing itself and not the pens.  I would recommend using an anti static bag before putting the embossing ink on your paper, this helps with any static.  I obviously forgot that step!

The images turned out so pretty and the embossing pens wrote very nicely without any gaps.  The pens were very moist and the embossing powder had no issues sticking to the embossing ink. 

Glue Quill Pen

The Glue Quill Pens come in a set of 2 or you can buy a Glue Quill Kit.  The kit comes with some images for your electronic cutting machine, glitters, and instructions.  The kit will work with almost any electronic cutting machine on the market.

I used the glue pen with my pen holder in my Silhouette Cameo 4 machine just like I did with the embossing pens.  Then I sprinkled glitter all over the images and got the cutest blue beetle and silver donut!



After using the Heidi Swap Glue pen in a previous post, I decided to try out foiling with the Glue Quill Pen.  I was really hoping for better results.

I got way better results and I highly recommend the Glue Quill Pen!
It is really juicy and requires NO priming.  I then ran the image and foil through my Minc and it turned out great!

I am extremely impressed with the CTMH embossing pens and the Glue Quill Pens.

I will be using these again in the very near future.  They were easy to use and again required NO priming.  You would be able to easily letter with both of these products as well.

If there is a crafting product you want to see me play with, let me know by leaving me a comment.

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Come Craft With Me! 

💓 Jennifer


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