Craft Goodwill with me!

Craft Goodwill with me!

As much as I hate to admit this to everyone online, I am a major goodwill shopper when it comes to craft supplies.  I hate to admit it because its been my little secret for YEARS.  I frequent them often and sometimes find some really nice gently used items.

I feel like there are some resellers that have started buying from goodwill and the prices have been driven up a bit, but I just buy stuff for my personal use. 

Below are my recent goodwill finds.  Check out your local thrift stores.  You would be surprised at the items I have found. 

Perfect Pearls, Perfect Medium, and Inka Gold in this box
Approximate Retail Value  $90  Goodwill Price: $5.49

Stazon solvent ink pads with a versamark pad 
Approximate Retail Value  $87.91  Goodwill Price: $3.49

Scotch Advanced Tape Glider
                 Approximate Retail Value  $34.99  Goodwill Price: $1.49

DCWV La Creme Stack
48 sheets 8x8 flocked sheets of paper
Approximate Retail Value  $ 19.99 Goodwill Price: $3.49

I guessed on the approximate value, I can only find it on ebay for $25-$30

I love my Create 365 happy planners so I was excited to find this planner punch.
Approximate Retail Value  $39.99 Goodwill Price: $4.49

Stampin' Up 6x6 album and refill pages
Approximate Retail Value  $10.00  Goodwill Price: $4.99
This is my best guess of retail price.  I know it would be more than that especially with shipping.

Premium Leather Scrapbook 8x8
Best guess Approximate Retail Value  $10  Goodwill Price: $2.49
I bought 3 :)  I want to put my printed 8x8 pages from my Project Life app in these. (I blogged about it earlier)

This is only a few of the items I have purchased lately from my local Goodwill store.  I always see stamps, paper, and albums.  I rarely pay full price for a scrapbook album because I see them there all the time.

I also find Xyron machines there all the time for $5.00 and under.

Go check them out!

How are you thrifty with your purchases?  Let me know in the comments section.


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