Thursday, February 4, 2021

Project life App

Project Life by Becky Higgins 

Come craft with me!

I happened to be on a Facebook group and someone mentioned the Project Life App and I got really curious because I had no idea what it was.

Then I got really excited to play with it!

I LOVE scrapbooking with real paper and stickers but I am always looking for a faster way to get some of my photos scrapbooked.  I don't know about you, but I have so many years of Christmas photos just sitting in my phone.

This way, I can create scrapbook pages on the go!  Waiting for the doctor or even while watching TV.  

I downloaded the app and started digitally scrapbooking on this app within the last week.   The name of the app is Project Life and its available for Apple and Androids.

There are 4 Main buttons.  
FIRST button to check out is QUESTIONS!

I'm starting with the QUESTION button, this one is your friend.  It will take you to a ton of YouTube videos created by Becky Higgins and will walk you through the creation of your first page or photo.  It will show you all the capabilities you have with this app.

Next is the option that looks like a book. Click on it.

A few things you can do with this feature:

  • Create a 12x12 full page photo.
  • Create a 4x6 or 6x8 print with multiple photos on it.
    • You can print this and get so many more photos printed for traditional scrapbooking.
  • Create a photo card for Christmas photos.
  • Add some journaling cards or themed filler cards for design.
    • The app includes a few free kits, you can also purchase more if you would like.

To select the template you would like to use, click here.

All the available templates show up at the bottom of your screen.

For fun I picked the 4x6 template.

Next if you click on one of sides (blue or orange area), 2 options come up:

  • A photo (selection on the left) which allows you to upload a picture from your camera roll and even Google photos.
  • A filler photo or journaling block (selection on the right) which allows you to pick from some really cool kits

If you pick the right side, all your templates come up.

by selecting one of the kits, you can see all the fun cards available in the kit and add them to your pages.

These are great because you can print them out to use in your scrapbooks or use them on the digital cards and scrapbooks.

The one I selected below was a journaling card so I was able to type into it.  if you want to type over photos you will need to purchase an upgrade.  If you try, the app will send you to the purchase screen.

There are a ton of fonts and colors to choose from and a variety of options to manipulate your text.  All were pretty easy to do once you play around with it.

below I added a pic of my dogs and a journaling card.

If you select the share button it gives you options to print, share, etc.

This option box will pop up.  Here you can pick what you want to do with this newly created piece of art!

Next lets look at the scrapbook page option.

There are so many free templates available to use.

The scrapbook area works very similarly to the area we first talked about.  You can add photos journaling cards, and other items from the kits available.  

I made a scrapbook page and printed it out.  I printed an 8x8 page to cut down later on an 8.5 x 11 pc of white cardstock.  Look at this scrapbook page I made in about 5 minutes

The last area is the area where your pages get saved.  They automatically just save when you exit the app.

Below is a pic of my app and some of my saved pages.

The possibilities are endless on this app.  You even have the ability to order prints directly from the app and I may do that for my 12x12 pages.  Again, take a look at the YouTube videos that are available by going to the ? on the main screen.

I just got so excited about this app I had to share it!  There are so many things you can do with it, I couldn't possibly cover them all.  I hope I got you as excited as I am!  Try it out!

Leave a comment below, let me know if you have used this app or plan to!  If you have used it, do you have any tips or tricks for me?

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