Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Come Craft With Me! Annie's Cardmaker Kit of the Month Club

 Have you thought about joining Annie's card of the month club but wasn't sure? I am going to unbox and make my first card kit of the month with you.

First, the package came fast.  I had it within a week!  I had a promo code so I was able to purchase the first kit for around 11.00 shipping included.  It came in this cute envelope decorated in craft supplies.

This is the packet!

I opened the envelope and pulled this out.  It looks like it has quite a few things inside.

An instruction booklet.

8.5x11 papers

a bunch of die cuts

Envelopes/Tri Fold cards that measure a finished size of 2.5x4.25 inches.  Smaller than I would like, I'm more of a standard A2 card girl.

A nice sized stamp set with ink, bakers twine, some ribbon, brads, and some gems.

If you are new to crafting there are  few things you need in order to use this kit.

Additional Supplies needed:

  • Scissors or paper cutter
    • I would suggest a paper cutter, they usually have a ruler on them and are great for making cards
  • Tape or glue
    • I would get some tape and glue (Tombow) and some pop up dots at the dollar store to pop out the die cuts.
  • Stamp block 
    • I've been known to use whatever flat surface I can find
  • Black Ink
    • The kit came with a small ink pad but I would suggest a nice black in pad such as the Close to My Heart Intense black.  This one in particular can be colored over and not smudge.
  • Pencil
    • If you have a paper cutter this is not needed
  • Ruler
    • If you have a paper cutter this is not needed
  • Bone Folder
    • You can use your hand to fold the card.
  • Piercing tool
    • Use the tip of your scissors if you do not have this.
With that said I have noted other options above so that you do not need all of the supplies listed.

This kit is perfect for a new card maker that does not own a die cut machine as it comes with 4 sheets of precut die cut images.  

I am going to start at the beginning of the card kit and read step by step to complete the first card, then provide a review for you.

If a booklet is not your thing and you would rather watch a video, there is a link to videos for each card kit.

Page 1

"You Make Life Fun" Card

Seems pretty simple.

Cut a couple pcs of paper and adhere, add your embellishments.
I personally do not like small cards like this and prefer larger A2 cards but it was not very hard to put together.  I also made my card opposite LOL but, it was fun and super easy to put this card together.

This is my finished card:

Card 2 "Sending you Sunny thoughts"

Card 3 "Just a Note to say Hello"

My Card:

I inked the sides with walnut ink to give it more of a rustic look.

Card 4

My Card:

I did a thinking of you version so I could use the die cuts.  It was easier to use than getting the stamps out.  I did try out the stamps and they worked nicely and did not need to be conditioned at all.  I thought it was odd that none of the 4 card examples had any twine or gems put on them.  They are definitely expecting you to use some creative liberties.

I like this card kit, I wish the cards were larger but you can always use the same paper, die cuts, and everything in this kit on A2 cards.  

Below are all the cards I created with this kit.  The A2 cards I created were done with this kit with the exception of the white card.  I used my own cardstock for that.

I really liked the card kit.  It gave me the opportunity to use their templates and gave me some creative liberties as well.  I like card kits because this may not be something I would normally use or do but you learn new techniques and ways to use patterned paper.

I hope you like the cards I made.  I will post the next card kit I get too.  Let me know in the comments how you liked my cards and what you like most about card kits.

Happy Crafting!


Monday, October 4, 2021

Come and make your own sublimation spray with me!


Come make some sublimation spray with me!

You are asking yourself what is sublimation spray and what is it used for?
Well, as you may or may not know, you have to sublimate on polyester.  The higher the % of polyester the higher chance your image will stay on the item you are subbing on.

Well, I found a way to make some spray that you can spray on cotton or any other fabric and it will sublimate.  

For instance, I tried sublimating on this random patch I have.  I don't know what it is made of so i wanted to see if it would work.  It didn't.  

Random Patch with no sub spray:

Then I made the sublimation spray.

Items you need:

  • Polycrylic protective finish, I used clear satin but you can use clear matte as well.
  • Spray Bottle
  • Water

Then your usual sublimation products:

  • Sub paper
  • Sub printer
  • Heat press
  • Fabric to sublimate on
To make the spray, use 8 ounces of water and 2 tablespoons of Polycrylic.  Mix them together into a jar (I used a mason jar to keep the excess available.)  Pour the mixture into a spray bottle.  I would use a fine mist spray bottle so that you get good coverage.

I sprayed 2 sprays onto the patches, then let it dry completely.  To speed up the process you can use your heat press and press for 10 seconds.  This will dry it pretty well.

This is the first image I got which turned out very well.  I just used a scrap image I printed last week.  It came out nicely with bright vivid colors.

Next, I printed the logo image (which should be a bit smaller) but I didn't allow the image to dry thoroughly.  You can see that it bled a bit.  I really wanted to see what would happen if it was not dry.  It didn't turn out terrible but again I need to make the image smaller to fit better.

The next image I used the heat press for 10 seconds to dry the material before I sublimated.  The image looks more crisp to me.

I had found these patches at Goodwill and I'm pretty excited about everything I can do with them now that I can sublimate on them.

Thanks for reading!

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Come craft with me and Heartfelt Creations. And a few coloring tips!


 Heartfelt creations flower mold!!!

And a couple coloring techniques! 

I was at a crop one day and a woman asked me if she could borrow a spray bottle.  I then asked why because I am nosey and knew it had to be a fun craft.

  She showed me the flowers she made with her Heartfelt Creations Flower Mold and I thought they were so pretty.  I knew I had to have at least one set.

I looked online and they were expensive so I waited for the expo hoping for a bundle sale.  There was sadly not a bundle sale and I found them on amazon cheaper so I went with Amazon.  

I bought the classic rose set.  I got all 3 pcs today so I had to try them out.  The set includes a Die to cut the paper out, stamps to stamp the image on them, and a mold to shape the flowers.  I did buy them all separately and the cost ended up around 53.00 for all three items.  (at the expo is was like 90.00)

I did not watch a YouTube video and I probably should have but they came out cute anyway. 

First, stamp your images, I used a Close To My Heart Ink because its my favorite.  It is called Intense Black, its a nice black and will not bleed when colored or when it gets wet.  This is important because we will be spritzing with water later.

Next, color your stamped images.  I use Spectrum Noir Tri-Blend Markers (again can be found on my website at CTMH)  I love them, they take the guesswork out of color matching and blend perfectly.  Next time I will use a color so that the black isn't so obvious.

I am not happy with the white showing so I may color outside the lines next time.

Next, die cut your images or cut them out with your Cameo if you want.

Place your cut out flowers in the corresponding flower mold.  I was a little confused as to where to put them but it ended up okay.  If you keep moving around the flowers you can tell where they are supposed to match up.  It takes a little practice.  Heartfelt Creations does say you can put 3 flowers in each mold, I found that they can stick together so I suggest one per slot.

Spritz them with plain water, just a few spritz will do.

Put the lid on your mold and run it through your die cutter.  This process shapes your flowers, you can put them forward facing or backward and you will get a different effect.  These were done image forward facing.  You can see I didn't do a very good job lining them up in the mold but the end result is still beautiful.

Again, not sure I love the white edges.  

I put them together with Tombow glue.

I have added Nuvo Drops in place of the stamen and added glitter with the Close To My Heart shimmer brush in clear.  I like the yellow one a lot better as you cannot really see the white areas so much.

Another tip I learned from the Scrapbook Expo is to put your glue into a nail polish bottle, it is super handy.  The empty nail polish bottles are available on Amazon.

I made this card for my daughters bday and she loved it.  I used the yellow flowers because that is her favorite color. :)

Next I thought I would try another coloring technique and I wanted to see how it would look NOT using the stamps.  I just really didn't like the way they didn't line up and I am not sure I would use black for the stamped images next time.

I also decided to use CTMH ink to color the die cut flowers along with a water color brush.  As I colored I also made sure to tap some darker color on the edges to give the flower more color dimension.  I also colored both sides of the flower so that the white paper did not show through.  I used Raspberry because I love the bright vibrant pink color.  CTMH inks blend very well with water and end with a really pretty watercolor effect.

I tried a few colors from CTMH including scarlet, eggplant, pixie, and green apple for the leaves.

They turned out beautiful.  In fact, I may buy a few more flower sets and just not buy the stamps.  I would be willing to use the stamps with a nice color though, that edge just really bothers me.  I really like the way they turned out though without stamps.

This is without any glitter.  I have been using Nuvo drops for the center or stamen of the flowers.

I will likely not use the stamps in the future because I think the flowers turn out way prettier without the stamps.

To help shape the flowers I also bought a Sizzix Paper Sculpting Kit.  It comes with 3 styluses, some scissors, and a couple matts and it seemed to help make the flowers stand up a bit more.  Its not needed to make these flowers, but it helped me a little by using a stylus and pushing in the middle to lift up the petals a little.

Flower shaping is very new to me so if you have any tips, please put them in the comments.  I am hooked and love the look of these flowers.  I would love to learn new tips and tricks to make my flowers even prettier.  I mean if I can make flowers my first try, you can too!

Thanks for reading!
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